"ColourTex Design" Ltd. is a company working in the field of some innovation projects in knitting of BAMBOO yarn and bamboo blends since 2008. The company has a long experience with knitting of many other types of yarns such as cotton, polyester, polyamide, acrylic, merino wool, various blends of polypropylene (dry-yarn), etc. in various colours combinations. Since the beginning of 2013 ColourTex Design is developing technologies for knitting fabrics from yarn kapok (which is harvested from the tropical tree "Kapok" and then  blended with cotton) as well as knitting with flax and linen blends. The manufactured technological samples with different texture fabrics designs created serious interest from our partners. Using the above fabrics and technology the company has produced limited edition clothing and other products (baby clothes, sheets hosiery, bamboo diapers, etc..). These prototypes were tested intensively for a year and showed that the final products can enter the market (apart from a few problems, mainly physical and mechanical that are already resolved and overcome),


Types of yarn we work with are:

  • 100% cotton (combed),

  • organic cotton,

  • cotton blends (cotton / polyester with a different ratio),

  • 100% bamboo,

  • a mixture of bamboo cotton and others materials in various % ratios,

  • 100% kapok and mixtures of cotton, kapok and other materials in various % ratios, 100% flax   and linen blends with cotton and others

  • viscose and blends of cotton and viscose with others

  • 100% wool (merinos) and mixtures of wool with polypropylene in various proportions,

  • acrylic fibres, polyester staple yarn, polyester silk, many filamentous (polyester silk smooth and textured, and extremely microfiber, nylon silk, polypropylene), modal yarn (viscose) and blends

  • classic yarn Tencel, classic yarn Lyocell.


 Note: All yarns are raw and colourful.


Types of yarn we work with are of the highest quality and proven origin from one of the best manufacturers in the world. Due to our specific relationships with them, they produce and deliver our orders in a given composition, thickness and colours. The origin of the cotton is from India, Pakistan and Turkey. The origin of bamboo and mixtures is form China, Taiwan and Malaysia, and the wool is from Italy. Polyester yarn, staple and silks originate from Turkey. The yarns flax and their  mixtures is supplied from Germany.


Example of types of yarn in different % combinations we are manufacturing:


  • Cotton, bamboo, lycra;

  • Cotton, polyester, lycra;

  • Wool, polyester, lycra;

  • Cotton, bamboo, polyester, lycra;

  • Polyamide silk, cotton, lycra, bamboo;

  • Polyester silk, lycra, bamboo;

  • Viscose, cotton,  lycra


These combinations may have various different % aspect ratio.