Knitting machines

ColourTex Design manufacturing and workshops facilities include, but not limited to the equipment, machines and technology listed bellow. The company has closed production cycle - from fabric to finished product.

Circular knitting machines

  1. Single line single jersey machines from "Mayer & Cie." with class fine 20E, diameter 30'' for knitting in 4 colours combinations stripes with unlimited (engineering) repeats (ring apparatus). The range of weighing is from 160 g. / Sq.m. to 320 g. / sq.m. These are special type of machines for the production of heavy jersey, rugby, polo shirts products.

  2. Machines "Mayer & Cie" class fine 20E, with diameter of the cylinder (bore) 26'' weighing of 160 g. / Sq.m. to 320 g. / sq.m. This is a specialised type of machine for the production of heavy jersey, rugby and polo shirt products. The machine has a factory option for selecting needles (multi-jacquard) with partial annulment of a combination of features (multi-jacquard + single jersey, pique + single jersey, etc.) with 4-color combination stripes in engineering unlimited repeats. The machines produced by "Mayer & Cie." have facilities for knitting and loop plush base and plush loop with different height and plush optional 4-color stripes unlimited again.

  3. Machines "Terrot" (made in Germany) with class fineness 28E, bore 30 '", 4-color combination stripes engineering with unlimited repeat. The machines got electronic controlled dial colours and memory from previous samples with possibilities for knitting single jersey, pique, fine wool, diagonals, etc. Optional knitting with elastomeric fibers (lycra) spandex. Weighing depends on way of knitting - from 140 g. / Sq.m. to 250 g. / sq.m.

  4. Circular knitting machines "Jumberca" class fineness 28E, bore 30 '", 4-color combinations for knitting stripes with unlimited repeat mechanical engineering choice of colours and default option multi-jacquard. This is a very flexible technology in knitting stripes and jacquard designs with a partial cancellation of the combination. These two functions open a significant number of options: option for knitting with elastomeric fibers (spandex, spandex, etc..). Weighing depends on way of knitting - from 140 g. / Sq.m. to 250 g. / sq.m.

  5. Circular knitting machines "Jumberca" class fineness 24E, bore 30 ''. This is a machine that has non-standard equipment by the supplier (special edition). It is designed for knitting vertical stripes designs in combination with horizontal stripes. Options: 1 main colour with up to 96 vertical colours (single jersey, pique, fine wool, multi-jacquard etc..). When knitting pique, signal jersey, wool, etc. in one colour (plain), there are options in place of vertical coloured stripes to stand out (embossed) (Vike jacquard device and partial cancellation of some of these functionalities on clients request). Weighing depends on the type of the knitting- it is in the range of 160 g. / Sq.m. to 250 g. / sq.m.

  6. Circular knitting machines "Mayer & Cie" model "Relanit 4" (made in Germany) with class 28E fineness, diameter of the machine is 30''. This is a high-performance machine for knitting single jersey, pique, fine wool etc. It is equipped with drives, delivery of lycra (lycra apparatus). Weighing depends on the type of the knitting - it is from 140 g. / Sq.m. to about 250 g. / sq.m.

  7. Circular knitting machines "Mayer & Cie." (made in Germany) with class fineness 20E and bore 30''. These are machines for knitting loop plush base from fine silk, polyamide or polyester silk, standard or dressed with spandex and plush part from cotton, bamboo, mixtures, etc . The height of the plush loop is from 2mm to 3.6mm with the possibility of sheared velour (velvet, plain, vertical and horizontal reliefs and embossed box). Weighing is from 160 g. / Sq.m. to 320 g. / sq.m.

  8. Circular knitting machines "Orizio" (made in Italy) with class fineness 20E and bore 30''. This is a machine for knitting wool trigeminal standard type with the possibility of raising the weft. Weighing ais from 230 g. / Sq.m. to 320 g. / sq.m.

  9. Circular knitting machines interlock "Metin-Nov" with class fineness 20E and 28E, bore 30''. These machines are designed for conventional knitting - interlock, pique, "punto di Roma" and others.

  10. Circular knitting machines "Multipike" with class fineness 24E and 28E, bore 30''. The machines are designed for knitting fine fabrics of polyester, polyamide silk for the sports industry.

  11. Circular knitting machines type links-links. These are two-cylinder machines of the British company "Bromley Ltd.", part of the "Bentley Group", class 12E fineness, four-combinations knitting stripes with unlimited repeats, jacquards. The machines are designed for knitting sweaters, vests, etc. and finished with elastic. The fabric is closed knitting and all parts are disconnect-able like the linear knitting.

Linear knitting machines

  1. Linear machines "Universal" with class 12E f fineness. Used for knitting collars and mansheshi for polo shirts, belts and cuffs for sweatshirt, jackets, track suits, etc. Collars and cuffs can be modelled in combinations of up to 4 colours stripes.

  2. Linear machines "Stoll" - with class 8E fineness for knitting sweaters, scarves and more.

  3. Linear machines "Stoll" - with class 10E fineness (type links-links knitting) for knitting women's and children's clothing.

Dip-interlock and jacquard machines

Dip-interlock, jacquard machines "Mayer & Cie." with model "OVIA". Degree of fineness 18E and 20E and cylinder diameter of 30". These are machines for knitting two, three and four-jacquard knits with mechanical dial chaise. The jacquards may change during the time of operation with plain, jacquard or others. There are possibility of knitting of embossed knits, hollow filled knits, diamonds, squares, etc. The machines are equipped with devices for placing elastomeric fibres. Weighing depends on type of knitting - it is from 180 g. / Sq.m. to 320 g. / sq.m.

Auxiliary Machines

  1. Machines for correction (auxiliary): strike machines (rib), circular knitting machines "Terrot" (made in Germany). This is a machine that the German company "Terrot" built in the first years after World War II. This is a relic of the German industry and the genius engineers "Terrot". Strike interlock machine (samozaplitashta) Class fineness 16E bore 30 ''. It is equipped with four-ring apparatus for knitting unlimited repeat stripes (stripes) engineering type: interlock, shtrik 1/1, 2/1, 2/2. Purpose: fabrics for sports teams, hockey sweaters, snowboarding, etc.; weaving of bands for cuffs, belts and more. Option for knitting with spandex.

  2. Machines for winding and parafining of yarn.

  3.  Machines for knitting of cords for sweatshirt, sport suits, etc. as an additional equipment for completion.


  1. Cutting area: There is 15 meters cutting room table with automatic folding of the fabric. There are  two band saws with vacuum table for cutting fabrics, 300 mm gather scissors and everything that is needed for precised fabric cutting.

  2. Apparel consists of automatic sewing machines; double-covering machines (triplets); covering equipment; 4-tips Overlocks; Rights 2-needle machine; Boxer machine; Ilic machine gun; button machine; machine for covering buttons semiautomatic; cutters beat - horizontal and vertical type.

  3. Screen Printing Machine - 4-colours manual carousel