Address in Bulgaria:

Sofia 1505


+359 (0) 888 546 809

+359 (0) 899 662 241

Address in UK :  


Surrey GU4 7NX

Mobile: +44 (0) 7478340651


ColorTex-Design Ltd is a company for design, development and production of our fabrics and fabric based products of high grade class with complex design and structure. The company is  the successor of the prolong tradition and experience in the field of the textile industry in Bulgarian.
The company has a closed production cycle from the production of fabrics to the finished products. The company personnel have proven experience and professionalism in the development of engineering technologies and fabrics designs

The company manufacturing productions includes:
Knitting workshop with circular knitting machines - single-row, single and heavy jersey machines; 'Maier & Co.' Class of fineness 20E - bore -30''. These machines are capable of knitting in 4 colours combinations strips / raieta / unlimited repeat / ring devices /. These are special type of machines for the production of heavy jersey stripes / raieta/ , suitable for rugby polo shirt